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La Digue


La Digue, with is surface of 10 km², is the 4th biggest and populated island of Sychelles, it is located 43 km away from Mahé and 6 km away from Praslin and it is connected to these two islands by a ferryboat. This island, where time seems to stand still and where traditions still exist, offers a quiet and scented atmosphere surrounded by the nature noise. However, in the same time it offers the most modern services to reach the nearby islands by boat, to explore the wonderful sea bed thanks to well-equipped diving facilities, to enjoy adventurous days by deep-sea fishing and to delight at panoramic explorations on foot.


You can use the bicycle or the traditional ox-carts, if you want to move around the island, to reach bright sand beaches, to see the total transparency of the sea and the roundish shapes of the smooth rocks of pink granite, which gives a characteristic gentleness to the costs and to the whole landscape.



You will be enchanted by discovering the coloured flora and fauna. Charming natural parks will welcome you showing you the fascinating giant tortoises of L’Union Estate or the very rare Sychelles paradise-flycatcher in one the few areas of repopulation.

La Digue is the dream destination for all those people who want to escape for a while from the stressful daily life.

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